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vinesauce proves everything I (personally?) disagree with Patreon.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s beneficial to freelancers, artists and people who are in dire need of money, or have difficulties looking for work. But maybe it’s just me, tbh. I also don’t feel great thinking about taking money from people who work hard to get their cash. Commissions are fine with me, I mean…the customer and I have an understanding.

Fans will be fans, they’ll support who or what they love. But personally, I would never just take their money on a monthy/weekly basis, no matter how willing they are. It just doesn’t sit right with me. :/

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Art is my own, following the rules! ; v ;


tw: abuse

This kind of involves more of some interpersonal issues, but I promise there are art issues here, too.
I recently managed to break out of a very abusive relationship. I won’t go into details, but it’s shaken me up pretty badly and given me some pretty awful issues in trusting other people. It’s kind of hard to believe that I actually used to be best friends with this person. We met through our characters, and we used to draw them together all the time. Neither of us were very good artists, but I tried really hard, and though I haven’t exactly improved exactly, I’ve definitely come a long way in developing my own style. I’ve always, always had really bad issues with confidence in my art. Whenever I draw a bad picture I feel very discouraged, and whenever I draw a “good” picture I deflate as soon as I see a better one that someone else drew. Nevertheless, I haven’t given up yet.
This person I was friends with gave up on drawing and decided to just buy commissions, expensive commissions, all of the time. They kept buying commission after commission of the same characters, including the one that I had used when I first started talking to them. This character was the only one they ever wanted to see pictures of or read or write stories about, even though I had been and have been working very hard on other projects with other characters while working on developing my own style.
I kind of abruptly broke off our friendship due to issues that had nothing to do with art. I’m still really messed up by the whole thing, but I’ve been trying to put it all behind me and start over fresh, rely on myself, all that noise. Then I was informed by my other friend that this person is still ordering commissions with my character and claiming he belongs to them. I hate this stupid character now because of everything he stands for, but that doesn’t change that I never gave this person my permission to use my character. I always had a feeling that this character was more important to them than I was, and this kind of confirms it for me.
So basically my character got stolen, but it’s kind of severely impacted my art, too. Every time I see one of these commissions this person ordered, it’s like a giant slap in the face, seeing amazing, skilled artists drawing a character that used to be mine for a person whom I used to be friends with. It’s like some kind of twisted conspiracy in my head: I will never be good enough as an artist, and now I will never be good enough as a person for any relationship. The truth is, they didn’t just steal my character. They stole any sense of pride I may have had.
Sorry for the long confession, this has just really screwed me up. I’m trying to move on, and I’m sure I eventually will. I just need some time.

TL,DR Abusive ex-friend steals my character and buys commissions of him, makes me feel worthless as an artist and a person


Do you ever get embarrassed about your method of making OCS?

I’m a writer and I have a fairly well-liked original story about a circus group. Every now and then someone would ask what gave me the idea for the characters and the basic setup of the story, but I’m afraid to tell them that it all started out with a Harry Potter Circus AU I wrote with a few friends when we were young.

After about three years we realised how stupid it was and renamed and tweaked the characters to lessen the resemblance and as the story progressed their personality has changed significantly, but they are still recognisable if you know who to look for. And I’m afraid that people would look down on me or the story because the original AU was, frankly, insanely stupid. Like, what the frick where we thinking when we turned Lord Voldemort into a trapeze acrobat? No sane person would think of that.

And when I think about it like this, it feels like cheating, like they aren’t really my OCs, despite the thought and energy I’ve put into them. I’m afraid that people would judge me for it that I couldn’t make up good characters on my own.


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i am a pokemon and i have evolved.

ive been addicted to drawing shoulders for the past 2 years but now i have moved on.

just thought i would report my findings.


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(Unfinished background by me UvU)

"I find it deeply unfair to hold an artist fully responsible for all the shit their rabid fanbase is doing, when the artist themselves does not in any way promote this behavior."

This is mostly directed at popular artists, but also include lesser known artists who happen to have a very annoying fanbase.

While there sure as hell are some popular artists who love having people kissing their ass and attacking anyone who refuse to do so, it is far from everyone and I’ve seen my share of popular artists getting yelled at for stuff their fans are doing.

As an example there was a very popular dragon artist (Let’s call her A) who had an OC with feathered wings. A part of their rabid fanbase would attack anyone with an OC (dragon or not) who happened to have feathered wings because they believed it was a ‘crappy copy’ of A’s OC. When A became aware of this issue they wrote journals in order to try and make her fans stop this behavior, however with no sucess. But who was the one who got all the blame? A, not the individual idiots who attacked people got blamed for being a stuck up idiot.

It’s fine if someone stops watching an artist because of their fanbase, but I do not think you should hold an artist responsible for what their fans do, unless the artist is in some way promoting the behavior.


I have four things I want to talk about.

1. I feel like I take too little time drawing. I usually take 20-30 minutes on a small doodle with coloring and shading, and a week on a full on a detailed drawing or just because I’m a lazy ass. These are estimations, btw.

2. I can’t seem to find my own personal style. Everything I draw looks like a rip-off and badly drawn doodle from an artist I like. I wish I could find my original style, I know this takes time but I wish my doodles didn’t look like someone elses.

3. I can’t seem to re-draw traditionally, digitally I usually redraw the hair and legs of my creature, but traditionally nothing. I just draw using almost no eraser. I’m worried about this because maybe my art could be better if I didn’t fear re-drawing.

4. Basically I fear trying out new styles and working with different coloring or shading techniques. I stay to what I always do. I’m so frustrated about this but I can’t seem to change it, suggestions ):?

TL;DR: I take too little time, can’t find personal style, and I fear re-drawing and trying out new things.

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This is why lots of people avoid giving critiques on DA. Even when asked for, they can’t handle them. I linked them to big cats because they had creatures in their gallery based on feline anatomy such as Espeon, and knowledge of the two feedback into each other to avoid making dogs look like cats and vice versa. I linked the colour guide because even though the artist made it as a joke it still turned out to have correct/ valuable information anyway. 

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