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tl;dr tumblr was my source of inspiration, my getaway from everything happening where I live right now, but I’m so sick of the Ferguson chain-mails and how America-centric the whole site is that I can’t even log in now because my dashboard is overflowing with Ferguson this, Ferguson that. I’ve lost my primary source of inspiration and I’ve lost all of my will to draw.

I’m sure this will be unpopular opinion, but this is a confession blog, so I confess: I’m sick of it all. I know its a big deal, but I’m sick of it how everyone is talking about Ferguson and racism in America and nothing else. I tried to blacklist it, but people won’t tag their shit because this is more important than anything else going on right now. And not just personal blogs, even some of those who usually post only inspirational stuff like nature photography keep spamming Ferguson related posts because I don’t even know.

I tried to ask a few people on anon to please tag the related post because they are triggering for me, and got called, insensitive, racist, ableist and all sorts of things.

I honestly want to scream. Now here’s the thing: I’m from Ukraine. There’s a fucking war in my country right here, right now and it’s winding up to be a long one. There are fights and people are dieing. Can you hear anything about that on tumblr? Of course not. We are not America. There’s the ebola outbreak in Africa. Again, minimal coverage, only focusing on the americans who either got it, travelled there to help or again, about racism (usually connected to america). Or in the East, where there are countries with food shortage to the point you soon won’t be able to buy anything without identifying yourself with a fingerprint? Not a word on tumblr.

Ferguson is important for America, just like all of these events are important for the people living them. But if I don’t reblog about Ferguson, I’m labeled a bad person. Called out as racist for not polluting my safe haven, my place to get away and find inspiration with things that  I can’t help and shouldn’t be my problem to solve. I can call out racism, homophobia and whatnot where I live, but Ferguson and the rampart anti-blackness is America’s problem. I wish they were more considerate about the rest of of the world.


(Doodle by me)

Hello AC.

So I’m thinking of opening up commissions soon. I feel that my art is finally at a level at which I can sell it, and I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I have no problem communicating with others and I feel like I can finish art in a timely manner (I’ve done a few art giveaways in the past and I’ve always been able to finish all the prizes within a week).

BUT … 

When it comes to the more “technical” (for lack of a better word) aspect of commissions, I am at a complete loss.

I have no idea how paypal works or any online money transaction type of deal works really. (Should I get a personal account or a business account? How do I avoid the tax? Should I do full payment upfront or half now/half later etc? How do I make sure I don’t get scammed? Should I even use paypal?)

I don’t know how I should go about pricing my art. (What’s the lowest price tier I should start at? Do I charge by the hour or by how complex the piece is? How much of a variety should I offer?)

And I’m not sure about the terms I should set up with my commissions. (How many slots should I have open? Should I place a limit on what I can or can’t draw? How much control do I have over the artwork after it’s finished? Are there things I should avoid drawing for copyright reasons?)

I was wondering if you lovely folks here at AC had any information or advice regarding the subject. I’m really sorry about asking so many questions, but this is my first time doing commissions and I’d like everything to go smoothly so I’ll be prepared for the next times I open commissions.

Anyways, thank you all for your time!


(art by Roukiz on deviantArt: Oliver Raindrops)

Besides, now my bedroom has papers all over the place because I sketch a lot. >.> Even when I’m not drawing, I’m probably drawing.

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I confess, here’s a guide to becoming a kawaii artist uvu

I know there are people who find it hard to make it in the Kawaii community so here’s a guide to being a kawaii artist!

1. Pick a name that’s cute. If you can’t think of one, merge two artist’s names together to create your own original one.

2. Pick a style that’s very cute but obviously influenced by a popular kawaii artist. Use these imgur albums to help you create your style.

3. Learn how to use web coding for your page, even if you can’t get a PM you can still put cute dividers on your page and what not. Also, always use the <sub> code for commenting and use this website to find cute plz icons to make people think you’re kawaii as fuck.

4. Now make a reference page for your new character. They need to be cute as fuck alright? They need to have [pastel gradient hair with fluffy outfits. Your character is like a logo for you. When people see them they need to be able to go, “oh yes that’s X artist!”. This really helps you

5. (optional) Learn how to pixel, kawaii artists eat that shit up. You don’t have to but having a personal pixel icon of your character instead of a free to use one sets you apart and gets people to check out your account. (I don’t know why but it’s just a trend I have noticed)

6. Before you even think of making your account, draw art to spam people with beforehand. Believe me, it helps….

>Draw your character and some fanart. Popular fanart right now seems to be: Sailor Mood, Madoka Magica and Kyoukai no Kanata. Fanart will help increase people finding your work because they are fans of the shows.

>Free to use stuff is really good at attracting people to, if you provide resources like cute dividers, they will flock to you for more

>Even if you can’t draw backgrounds, make pretty shapes or lace patterns in the background. This looks better than empty space, believe me.

7. Now you can create your account. You must say that you are new and that you are 13 years old. By saying you are new, artists will welcome you a lot and offer their help. It’s a good way to make friends before you find cuter better ones. (I am joking)

8. Now, before posting any art, make your page really really pretty. You can do this by using Free to Use (Aka F2U) resources such as page dolls and dividers. 

>If you need any help look here in this person’s gallery. 

>You can find F2U resources by searching in on deviantART.

>Look at other kawaii deviants pages for ideas for your page. Don’t heavily reff though because for some reason some kawaii artists think you can steal their page layout..

9. Join a lot of groups. It may seem a bit extreme but join +100 groups for kawaii art. This helps you get recognition. Make sure the groups have members in the group and that they are active. (These groups will spam you a lot, go into your friends list on dA and untick a lot of them because spam is annoying.)

10. Submit your first piece of art. It must be labelled something obvious so people know you are new. (eg. I am new!!, first submission!!)

> This first submission should be of your kawaii character. Explain to people how you are new in the comments and how you’ve watched the kawaii community a lot and you wanted to finally join dA!!

> Don’t be lame and give your character likes and dislikes, just make them cute and draw them a lot. Make sure they are likeable so people will draw your character.

>Now submit this art to all of the groups you have joined, this is how you are going to get recognised.

11. Comment on everything. You need to be social. You will never get popular unless you talk to a lot of people. Strike up conversations. Comment encouraging comments on deviations. Comment on popular artists pages saying their art is kawaii and you wish you were as good as them!

>DO NOT forget to use kawaii emojis, this makes people think you are kawaii.. eg. ;v;, ouo, quq, QAQ, uvu, uAu, just look around at what people use and copy them! Or copy and paste from here…

12. After you’re settled, draw gifts. Draw them for popular people and post them on their page. Draw them for friends to solidify the relationship. Open requests. In order for someone to get a request they must post a journal advertising it. This will make people think you are really kind to everyone and that you are a nice artist.

13. Free stuff. Okay, after getting about 200 watchers in like a week, you should do a welcome raffle or s/t like that. It would be a raffle for everyone giving you such a warm welcome to dA. The better the prizes the more likely people will join, especially points or a PM. People eat this shit up okay? Also, give more free stuff like free adoptables or free art. However, people must post journals advertising your free adopts in order to get them.

14. Keep posting cute art, don’t forget to post for yourself too! After getting a fan base and becoming well known. It would be acceptable to start charging for art. Make sure not to under price yourself but do remember kawaii artists can be cheap and will try to complain about how your art should be 50 points. Remember 100 points =$1 if you include the 20% deviantART has to take.

That’s all I can think of right now but if you want to be a kawaii artist, this is the way to go. Remember, even if you’re not posting art, you need to be social. deviantART is 50% social 50% art, if you don’t socialise you’re holding back the possible attention you could get.

Making drama for yourself is also a way to get more attention but I wouldn’t advise it because it just gives you a bad reputation.

I hope this helped!

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I miss feeling like I’m a part of something.

Awhile ago, I decided to start making art just for myself instead of posting it (both visual art and written). Don’t get me wrong, it was a great thing to do because, after losing the whole “I have to get it right because I need to post something often I can’t make mistakes” thing, I’ve been letting myself improve and practice more often. And I love that.

But I noticed that I’ve been subconsciously (not entirely but without noticing too much) trying to get involved with something again. I’ll look up RP groups again, see if there are any admin positions or member positions in editing blogs, see if there are any art forums I’ll like, or just communities to be in where I’ll make significant contributions with the skills I’ve been working on throughout the years. Maybe it’s because I’ve graduated, maybe it’s because I just want to apply what I know again. But nothing seems to really fit what I like. RPs usually require a lot of dedication (some even say that if you don’t post for 3 days, you’re out - I can barely handle the weekly deadline most RPs have), and for whatever reason, I can’t find good art forums to receive critique like people say they find.

I just miss contributing to something and feeling like I make a difference, as small as it may be.

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(picture by me)

For the first time since I started my deviantArt account, I’ve taken a hiatus the past few weeks. Now I’m afraid to go back.

About a month ago… I attempted to commit suicide and thankfully failed. I was in the hospital for a while, and when I finally got home after about a week I didn’t have the will to draw much, so I made a journal explaining things to my watchers. I didn’t want anyone to think I just abandoned the place or dropped off the face of the planet. I have very sweet watchers, and I got a lot of encouraging words.

Without the pressure of worrying about people watching me, I slowly started to draw again and only shared them with my few friends. I was horrified to think that I might have gotten much worse without any practice for weeks.. but thankfully I could still draw the same. It was a huge relief.

Now I’ve got tons of ideas and time, and things in my life are starting to fall back into place. My family and friends have been a great support system for me, and I’m taking the medication I need and feeling happy and less anxious. But even so… for some reason the thought of posting to my dA again just seems so daunting, and I don’t know why. I do miss it. My dA was a safe haven for me, and I really want to get back into the swing of things… but it just seems so scary for some reason.

I really hope I can overcome this feeling soon…

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I used to think that sphynx, pugs, and other weird animals were ugly until I realized how fun it is to draw their wacky characteristics. Art has made me appreciate a lot more things.

(doodle by me)


I really want this to work out, but-

my friend and I are collabing, they’re doing the sketch and i’m doing the lines and we go back and forth with other stuff. The only thing that makes me feel shitty and overall nervous is, i’m a bit more… advanced in my art than them (i’m not trying to toot my own horn, i’m not that good). They dislike lineart so that’s why i’m doing it, and even though they gave me permission to change a few things, they kind of turned my canine fursona into a lizard with hair and dog nose. I know that sounds rude, but it’s kind of true. They aren’t so good at anatomy, but when I offered to help fix it, they said “I know how to draw lol” so I backed off. I don’t want to discourage my friend, but I already know I’m not going to post it into my gallery, because if I follow the lines it’ll look as if my drawing skills went down at least 60%, even if it’s labeled as a collab. How exactly can I get away with not posting it in my gallery or at least fix it without hurting their feelings?


tl;dr: I was recently asked by an acquaintance to open commissions and donate the money to an organisation which, in theory, will use it to help people in Ferguson. I refused and explained her my reasons, but they didn’t listen and started to spread that I’m racist and I don’t care. It caused most of my followers to turn against me, people I though of as friends among them, and several of my previous commissioners had demanded that I refund them, because “they don’t want art from a racist bitch”. I dread to log in to my tumblr because of the extreme amount of hatemail I get. What should I do?

My reasons for refusing are the following:

1. I tried to check the organisation in question and what little I found about it seems extremely shady . I strongly suspect that this is a scram.

2. Because of my current health issues, I currently can’t do commissions. Fair and square.

3. I don’t have solid information about what is going on. I’ve seen contradictory information on tumblr and on the news and from the other half of the world, I can’t verify what is true and what is not. I only know what the tumblr loudmouths say and it wouldn’t be the first time if it turned out to be complete bullcrap. I’m sure the situation is horrible, I can’t even fathom what’s going on. But as they say, the camera lies - I’ve seen the same picture, depicted as a man saving children from a tear grenade and as him attacking the police side by side - and I don’t feel comfortable getting involved with something I don’t know or understand.

I don’t believe this makes me racist, but after the blacklash I’ve got, I don’t even know anymore.


sketch is mine, screencap is from game Earthbound via machpizza

I don’t know why I have such a hard time with backgrounds. I could draw legs like 20 times over and not be bored by it, but having to draw bottles on a shelf for like 10 million times bores me sometimes. I don’t get why some aspects of drawing are boring and others aren’t when it should all be the same? and scaling people is really tedious to me, when i would draw them by themselves, sans background, no issue? I know I need to practice backgrounds more (the program carapace helps with the gridding/perspective…ish? but its hard to work and confusing at times). I just don’t know how to make myself get out of this rut that I always fall into

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