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Art is mine.
I have no art education nor any patience. I can draw anatomically correct sketches if I put time in it, but I tire of ‘correct’ work easily. It used to drive me up the wall, my laziness, messiness and constant attempts to find sloppy shortcuts.
A professional artist acquaintance gave me a mouthful when I expressed hatred for my art and my painting behaviours. She said that even if you suck balls, love the shit you’ve done and love doing it.

So now I do. Sure, I still have my weak spots, I’ll likely always have them. I’ll always be undisciplined. But the decision to encourage myself to embrace my art has left a mark on it. My mess of an art is painted with tremendous love and it shows, flaws and skills be damned. Art is no longer emotionally draining and it’s easier to march forward.


So Lazy

 All of the patterns I use to colour in dresses, skirts- clothes, room designs etc… I have gotten from google images. Ranging from floral patterns to polka-dots and zig-zags.

Simply because I feel like I am too lazy or unskilled enough to spend an extra 3+ hours drawing in a repeating pattern by myself.


doodle by me

My dad got mad at me because he wanted me to show a 10 year old child of a friend of his something I drew and I pulled up an innocent looking cartoon wolf with a skull as a head (kinda like the doodle above) and he overreacted to the cartoon skull. I don’t even consider my drawings close to macabre. Ugh, this is why I haven’t shown my parents any of my art for the past few years.

(I’m not supposed to have my tablet at college, but I snuck it in lol)

(sorry for the rant. wanted to get it off my chest)


You know that person who keeps on leaving post-its with drawings of random people in your cafe?

Yeah that was me. ;) 


Help fixing problematic OC

I have a friend who badly wants to get into a closed RP group with her OC. She got rejected two times in a row and asked me for a second opinion why I think it happened. I read through her application RPs and found the following problems the most glaring:

  • The OC, Kate, doesn’t act according to her age. Despite being 23, she shows the naiveté, social obliviousness and general intelligence  and mentality of a 14-15 year old.
  • She has a problematic parallel in her early and later story: Childhood bullying portrayed as bad, with a manipulative boyfriend only using her, a popular mean girl and unsupportive classmates who don’t care. That’s good so far. BUT later, the very same setup, a guy using her to his own goals, a woman in higher position verbally abusing her and peers who either don’t care or look down on her is portrayed as an OK or even a good thing - because this time around, she still loves her manipulative boyfriend.
  • The story demands that she joins one of two fighting forces, one more militaristic, the other a bit closer to civilians. She joins the militaristic one as a soldier, but lacks the basic soldier’s mentality. She acts spiteful and purposefully sabotages her comrades whom she doesn’t like. She disrespects rank and ignores the laws and the protocol. She flees from battle. She joins up to with the sole purpose of taking revenge on her country because she feels she deserved more power, more love, more everything when she was younger and she wants to take it now.

I found that her RP partners did their absolute best to point out these, first subtly later almost outright telling her to go fix the damn OC. I love her very much as a friend, but this OC feels simply like a trainwreck. I’m not a member because I’m not a big fan of urban fantasy, but the point is to lead a successful military campaign against the other faction - it is entirely understandable that none of the players want to put up with a loose canon on their team. Poor Kate is a strategical hazard to any form of military operation, not to mention that despite her creator’s wishes, an awfully unlikeable person.

I tried to subtly hint at these problems, but my friend would have none of it. I suspect she uses her OC as an outlet to pour her feelings into, so she takes every bit of criticism very personally. I don’t think I can twist this in a way that she wouldn’t throw a pouting fit over it, but at the very least, I will persuade her away from the group. It would be better for everyone involved.

Question: What do you think of these flaws and how would you fix them?



I’ve been thinking that I can take some commissions and all seeing other artist doing so but the thing is I don’t know how to. I’m kinda the kind to do things after seeing others do it but as for commissions everyone does it through like notes or emails so no chance at that.

Are commissions like someone ordering a custom food like I would like so and so or is like go with the flow ((i dont thinks thats professional—))?

If you don’t mind, please tell me how your commissions are done.

Thank you!

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(Art by me)

I feel like i should confess now because i’ve been holding it in for way too long.

I’ve been a really unpopular artist for a while now and recently my artwork has been getting less than 1 note which gets me down because i keep trying to get better and knowing that nobday even favorites it just seems like a waste of time and I think i might just stop posting anymore art from now on.


An Interacting Artist is a Flourishing Artist

Back in 2008, Japanese pop star TM Revolution had an interview with (an online anime & art community I remain loyal to even today). At some point, he was asked about what possible advice he could give to artists of all types.

This was his response (emphasis is mine):

"I think what’s a message I’d like to get out to folks is that even though it’s important to be able to have the imagination and creativity on one’s own it’s much more important to encounter as many people as you can and in that interaction even more opportunities and creativity can be born. For example there are times when I want to shut myself in my room and write stuff, but it’s actually when I’m out driving or eating out with friends, just relaxing or chatting, that’s when ideas come. Or feeding ideas off of each other. In order to get closer to one’s dream it’s important not to lock yourself away but to interact with as many people as possible.

In fact often in these interviews I get asked which other musicians am I inspired by but it’s more rare that I’m inspired by fellow professionals than I am by regular people. I’m definitely influenced by my staff, by my fans, the feedback, the interactions much moreso in every day situations than other top stars or anything like that.

This really struck me a lot because it just shows how much important it is to explore the world and to meet people from different backgrounds to flourish in one’s art, whatever it may be. These people don’t have to be your fellow artists at all; they can be your friends, your family, your seatmates, or maybe people that you’ll only get to meet once in your life. These interactions make a lot of difference in your craft.

There’s also a good emphasis on casual interaction in his response. I think this really matters, because many artists might only seek art groups for advice on what to do. And though that’s great, I think it’s better if you mix this with a simple talk with people from other fields, or people outside of your inner circle. Even a simple talk with a taxi driver can let you gain more insight of the world around you.

Let’s say you’re a comic artist, for instance. You may gain insights if you limit your interaction to fellow comic artists only. But try talking to a fruit vendor, and they may be able to make you spark an outstanding idea that no professional artist can ever bring you to do.

Maybe some of you prefer to be silent and alone most of the time. I understand that very well, because I am that kind of guy. But just try to open yourself out to others, even if it’s just a little bit. Ask them a simple question, and it may not even have to do anything with art at all. It can do wonders for you.

By interacting with different types of people, you get to see the world in different perspectives, which gives you a wider opportunity for your art. So explore the world and meet new people. An infinite sky of ideas await your artistic wings.


art by me

"I can’t decide if I just want to have fun or if I want to take my art seriously." 

I actually want to pursue a career in art, so I beat myself up whenever I have ideas about selling adopts for points on dA, roleplaying, or making a kawaii artist account just for the hell of it. I know I should be doing more studies, trying to build a portfolio, opening commissions and so on.  If I were REALLY serious about an art career, I wouldn’t want to mess around right? :[ But—I WANT TO PLAY. 

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I forget how much I enjoy pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Sure I may curse, grumble every 5 seconds when I do. But I have never pixeled water, nor rocks before and I have gone ahead and done both. And in my opinion - successfully. 

It’s been a while since I’ve been this happy with my own work even still while it is a WIP, and I feel like I’ve jumped a hurdle with my art.

Here’s to doing the really stupid ideas, and somehow succeeding

Part of my art WIP by me

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